Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There was a time when Jim Carey was funny... really!

Yeah, he was funny. Once upon a time. And i don't necessarily mean as Ace Ventura. You see, before he made it big as the pet detective he was the token white guy on the sort of all-black SNL-esque comedy show "In Living Color", which was run by the Wayans-Brothers (who were never again as funny as in this. Well, if i come to think of it, Damon did "Bulletproof" and "Major Payne", who were quite funny, but the rest of the family truly sucked when they left ILC).

But we're talking JC, so here's two of my favorite ILC sketches:

Jim Carey as Firemarshall Bill:

Jim Carey as Vera De Milo:

Jack Burton rules to the infinity!

Seriously, if you've never seen "Big Trouble in Little China" you're not worth reading this blog. Go and buy the DVD. Buy, not rent, and not download!

Anyways, John Carpenter himself provided the theme song with a little help from his band, The Coupe De Villes. John, i've been waiting for 21 years now to get a sequel, don't ya think it's time, brother?

Oh, those Oliver Onions...

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill films were the shiznit in Europe in the 70s and early 80s (though their stardom had already begun fading somewhat back then). And just like every of their movies featured at least a dozen fisticuffs and people getting hammered in the head by Buddy, they also all had a great musical score by italian brothers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis (who called themselves the Oliver Onions).

The Oliver Onions - Bulldozer (1978)

The Oliver Onions - Flying through the air (1973, from "PiĆ¹ forte, ragazzi!/All the way boys!")

James Last rocked my world

You can say what you want about the guy, but he could surely takes someone elses songs and make some great swinging tunes out of them.

Bill Conti's "Rocky"-Theme, played by The James Last Orchestra in '79 (i guess)

A medley of John Williams "Star Wars"-Score, played by the James Last Orchestra in '82

"The Lonely Shepard", which ended up in Tarantinos "Kill Bill". This one was actually written by James Last himself. This one's from a broadcast in 1977.

All gone, gone...

... gone like the wind. From now on i'll just be posting some random weird stuff i find on the web (and outside of it)